6.4 Identified Challanges and Possible Solutions

During the assessment of all the plants visited in 2019, it was observed that the biogas plant encountered several issues. The problems observed and documented during the assessment can be categorised as follows:

Clogging: 62.5% of the biogas plants experienced issues related to clogging of the pipes.

Condensed Water in Gas Pipes: The assessment revealed the accumulation of condensed water in the gas pipes of the biogas plant. This could lead to corrosion, reduced gas flow, and increased maintenance requirements.

High Hydrogen Sulphide Concentration in Biogas: Another problem identified was the high concentration of hydrogen sulphide in the biogas produced by all the biogas plants. The most common concentrations ranged between 3,200 to 3,800 ppm.

Gas Leakages: Gas leakages were observed within the biogas plant, indicating potential safety risks and wastage of valuable resources. Identifying and rectifying these leaks was crucial to maintain the plant’s integrity and optimise its performance.

Effluent Management: The assessment identified challenges in effluent management, such as frequent dislodging of the collection chamber and use of effluent in vegetable gardens, which were already discussed in the chapter on effluent management.