6.2 Use of Biogas

Biogas Stove in the Communal Kitchen (UPM)

The biogas utilisation in the camp was for cooking in the communal kitchens. The median ratio between beneficiaries using sanitation facilities and those using biogas for cooking was 6 to 1, indicating that one person utilised the biogas energy produced from the excreta of six individuals for cooking. However, the actual daily toilet usage numbers are unknown.

To understand biogas consumption, the gas meter records the consumption reading based on users’ normal burner usage over a 24-hour. Based on the measured biogas consumption rates, variations were observed among different camps. In Kutupalong, an average of 83% of the produced gas was consumed, whereas, in Camps 13 and 22, the consumption rate dropped as low as 46%. This difference in gas consumption could be attributed to factors such as the distribution and coverage of free LPG during that period.

Applying the ratio 6:1 indicates that the need for cooking could be covered, with a population of 961,175 individuals, for 17% of the total population from human excreta alone.