1.7.1 Cooking

Left: Biogas Stove in a Communal Kitchen in the Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh,
Right: Biogas Rice Cooker in Household in China (Source: UPM)

Biogas can be used as a cooking fuel by connecting biogas stoves or modified gas burners to the biogas supply. Biogas stoves are specifically designed to optimise the combustion of biogas and provide a reliable source of heat for cooking.

The table below displays the amount of biogas used by biogas stoves and for different cooking purposes.

PurposesLitres Biogas / hourSource
Household cooking stove200 – 450(GTZ )
Consumption per person and meal150 – 300(GTZ )
Boil 1 litre of water30 – 40(GTZ )
Boil 3 litre of water75(Estoppey N., 2010)
Cook 0.5kg of rice120 – 205(GTZ )
Cook 0.5kg of rice in a rice cooker105(Estoppey N., 2010)
Cook 0.5kg of legumes160 – 190(GTZ ) (Estoppey N., 2010)
 Examples of Biogas Consumption

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