Biogas Sanitation

Introduction and Learning Goals

This training aims to introduce the basics of anaerobic digestion and biogas recovery. This technique offers a practical solution for refugee camps during the stabilisation and recovery phase. It can treat human waste, generate renewable energy, and reduce methane emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere during anaerobic treatment.

The training is divided into six modules with the following learning objectives.

1 Basics of Anaerobic Digestion

  • Understand the process of anaerobic digestion, the factors that affect it, and its benefits and limitations
  • Understand the composition of biogas, the necessary type of feedstock to ensure its production, and its possible applications
  • Understand what methane is and the effect its emission on the environment

2 Digestion Technologies and Types

  • Gain an insight into various types of anaerobic digesters and biogas sanitation treatment systems, along with their operational advantages and disadvantages

3 Process Parameters

  • Several critical process parameters and their impact on the anaerobic digestion process and biogas production potential

4 Biogas Installation Planning

  • Understand the importance of considering social aspects when planning biogas installation and how to build social acceptance respectfully
  • Understand the importance of feedstock availability and its quality for the design process of the biogas plant
  • Learn how to calculate potential biogas generation and H2S treatment and determine a suitable end-use for the treated gas
  • Learn how to calculate the required volume of the digester and gas holder and identify what information is required
  • Understand the importance of safe sludge management and how to plan effluent management from the treatment system based on the site context and effluent characteristics

5 Operation and Maintenance

  • Understand the dangers involved with improper design and operation of biogas systems and the necessary safety measures to be adhered to
  • Understand the necessary operation and maintenance-related tasks to be taken before the initial operation and during the ongoing operation of the biogas system

6 Sanitation Biogas Plants in Rohingya Refugee Camp

  • Gain an insight into the practical operation and performance of sanitation biogas systems in an emergency context
  • Understand the challenges faced in the practical operation of such systems and how to address them

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