1.7.2 Lighting

Left: Cross-section view of a Biogas Lamp (SNV, 2009), Right: Biogas lamp Installed in a toilet block of 10 Latrines to Improve Individual Security and Safety During the Night (IOM, 2021)

Biogas can be used in gas lamps to provide illumination, such as lighting for toilets. Biogas lamps are an efficient and affordable alternative to electric bulbs. They can provide lighting similar to a 25-75W electric bulb and can be purchased from manufacturers in China and India. Biogas lamps consume approximately 70 to 150 L/h of biogas.

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Further reading:

  • South Sudan - Green Energy Initiative in WASH – Biogas (Link)
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  • Popular Summary of the Test Reports on Biogas Stoves and Lamps prepared by Testing institutes in China, India, and the Netherlands p. 35 – 41 (Link)