4.4 Biogas Plant Design: An Exercise

When embarking on the design of a biogas plant, it is essential to follow a structured approach to guarantee the effective production, utilisation and treatment of biogas. The fundamental steps in the planning of biogas plant design encompass:

  • Calculating potential biogas generation, its utilisation and treatment
  • Sizing of the digester
  • Sizing of the gasholder
  • Planning responsible effluent management
  • Planning for solutions given limited or no space for post-treatment
  • Planning responsible sludge management

In the following chapters, we will elaborate together a design concept following these fundamental steps. The case study that will be the center of our exercise involves designing a biogas digester system connected to 30 toilet cubicles distributed in 6 blocks (3 female and 3 male). It’s important to note that while the exercise centers around this specific scenario, the calculations, principles and concepts presented can be extended to various biogas digester systems.

While this exercise aims to enhance awareness and comprehension for WASH practitioners and serves as a guide, it is not a substitute for the expertise of a biogas sanitation professional.