Introduction and Learning Objectives

This training aims to introduce the OCTOPUS platform and offer step-by-step guidance with submitting relevant case studies that wish to be shared on the platform.  

The training is divided into three modules consisting of tutorial videos with the following learning objectives.

1 Introduction to OCTOPUS

  • Gain an insight into the OCTOPUS platform
  • Understand what the OCTOPUS platform offers and how it can help the WaSH sector

2 Uploading a Case Study on OCTOPUS

  • Learn how to draft and submit a case study of your own onto the platform
  • Understand what information is relevant to submit during the data entry phase of case study submission
  • Understand the importance and power of knowledge sharing via the sharing of case studies on the platform

3 The OCTOPUS Toolbox

  • Learn what the OCTOPUS Toolbox is and its purpose on the platform
  • Learn how to navigate and use the Toolbox